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Welcome to the Astrox WikiEdit

Wikia for the Unity3D game "Astrox" by Jace Masula, aka momoguru.


Mining an asteroid in Astrox.

"Sentenced to life for thought crimes against the Corporate Federation, you’ve been exiled to the mining system of Astrox. Forced to break rocks in hopes of buying your freedom, there is little chance of survival.

Mine asteroids, transport trade goods, hunt pirates in this procedurally created star system. Astrox – Hostile Space Excavation, is similar to EVE, with a sprinkle of Homeworld."

-Astrox game description

If you would like to help, feel free to contribute to make this a thorough wiki about Astrox; all help is welcome. If you aren't sure how to help, or have an idea but not the time, write on the Suggestions page.

There is also an Astrox forum available, with discussions about strategies, ideas, etc.

The best way to find out whats happening is to use the Wiki Activity link which is part of the menu system.


See new update on Stand alone version.


The Kong version of the game is final and will not be changed due Kongregate's file size restrictions.


All further updates to Astrox will be restricted to Standalone version, which can be bought directly from Momoguru through his website or through Steam. Information on the Standalone version can be found on the Standalone Version page.


To accommodate the new versions, additional tabs have been added to the Navigation bar. As needed, pages will be split into multiple versions and placed under their respective tabs. With more updates, the Top Pages tab will become more difficult to use, hopefully we can transfer to using the version tabs without excessive problems. Any suggestions or comments can be made at the Suggestions page.

Preliminary edits of the wiki structure are complete. Basically every link on this wiki now leads to a disambiguation page, but the nav bar works and the main pages should be largely fine though harder to use.

Latest Game UpdatesEdit

December 27, 2015

Build 66

  • Fixed mouse over tooltip for pause button.
  • Fixed magic crate bug.
  • Fixed asteroid respawn / regen bug.
  • Fixed Permadeath - reload pause bug.
  • Fixed small bug with qty slider in market.
  • Fixed graphic bug with tootip overlay on galaxy creation screen.
  • Fixed Death + Drone docking bug.

  • Adjusted font face, sizing.
  • Adjusted font sizing on tooltips for galaxy creation screen.
  • Adjusted COMM LINK button size to match others.

  • Added Foward and Back buttons to pilot avatar selection.
  • Added new options for Text size adjustment using sliders.
  • Added new toggle option on main HUD for friendly fire, default is off.
  • Added new map Layout option in galaxy creation, 'Tree'.
  • Added Popup notification when attempting to open a crate with no room in cargo.
  • Added scroll bars to notification text popups, to allow for larger text.

  • New Feature: There are now NPC merchants that will buy rare modules at a decent price, or sell them for a fair one. The number of items that a merchant will sell is completely random. However, the high level merchant, the better stuff he might sell you. The merchants will buy any rare modules you want to sell with no limits on what they will buy from you.

  • New Feature: New NPC type, called Sprites. They have no shape, or form... just balls of energy and light. They behave strangely, and no one really knows where they came from, or what they are doing. normally harmless, but rare reports of strange effects on ships, some good, some not so good. Best to avoid them to be on the safe side.

  • Ships data, now loaded from (MOD_DATA) folder.
  • Skills data, now loaded from (MOD_DATA) folder.
  • Modules data, now loaded from (MOD_DATA) folder.
  • Asteroid data, now loaded from (MOD_DATA) folder.
All Updates

Content to Look Forward ToEdit

"game modes, more ships, new area effect weapons, a real skill tree, lots more skills, more crafting recipes.... but the big ideas i have are gonna have to wait for astrox 2. ship designing, off base resourcing operations that you construct. more of a persistent feeling of play. multiplayer co-op, dark space pvp areas. yeah the big changes are going to require a completely rewrite of the code."


The Standalone version is available. For anyone that owns and plays it: feel free to begin adding information on that part of the Astrox Wiki

A comment on commentsEdit

Literally anyone can modify the pages on Astrox Wiki and anyone can comment on the page. A comment is then filed in a talk page. There are some great reason for not commenting anonymously besides IP-address tracking and signing the post as A Wikia contributor. The foremost is that you actually contribute more by signing in. You will get an answer to your question or a reply to your comment. If you used your normal email account you may read the reply in your email program. By signing in you will get more involved on this site and it is more fun when you feel you are part of the game. If you do not sign in it is less likely your contribution ends up on the page as someone else may have to edit it to include new information or clarification. Having said this, signing in to this Wiki is not an requirement, it is more an invitation to contribute to improve the site.

Editor of The WeekEdit


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