Light EnergyEdit

The Light Energy Generator will increase the ship's recharge rate for all electrical systems on board. This will deliver more energy to active modules and overall capacity.

Light energy

Light Energy

Variant Price Max Energy Capacity Recharge Rate
Basic 500 205 0.01
Epic 1500 273.3 0.01
Artifact 1000 307.5 0.01

Medium GeneratorEdit

The Medium class energy cores provide a much stronger charge rate, and allows your ship to store and retain higher levels of electrical energy.

Medium generator

Medium Generator

Variant Price Max Energy Capacity Recharge Rate
Basic 2500 250 0.02
Rare 10000 312.5 0.02
Epic 7500 333.3 0.02
Artifact 5000 375 0.02

Heavy CapacitorEdit

Heavy energy cores are very good and recharging core energy systems for medium sized ships. Large capacitor size for greater storage.

Heavy capacitor

Heavy Capacitor

Variant Price Max Energy Capacity Recharge Rate
Basic 5500 350 0.025
Rare 22000 437.5 0.025
Epic 16500 466.7 0.025
Artifact 11000 525 0.025

Dual RechargeEdit

Dual core energy systems are based on a newer technology allowing for double power generators to link with a single storage core.

Dual recharge

Dual Recharge

Variant Price Max Energy Capacity Recharge Rate
Basic 12500 500 0.04
Rare 50000 625 0.04
Epic 37500 666.7 0.04
Artifact 25000 750 0.04

Assault BatteryEdit

Assault capacitors were designed specifically for a rapid recharge rate. It has a lower storage capacity, but recharges lightning fast.

Assault battery

Assault Battery

Variant Price Max Energy Capacity Recharge Rate
Basic 25500 450 0.08
Rare 102000 562.5 0.08
Epic 76500 600 0.08
Artifact 51000 675 0.08

Eon SolaireEdit

This energy system is very balanced and capable of supporting the largest class vessels. Very expensive equipment reserved mainly for capital class ships.

Eon solaire

Eon Solaire

Variant Price Max Energy Capacity Recharge Rate
Basic 32500 600 0.05
Rare 130000 750 0.05
Epic 97500 800 0.05
Artifact 65000 900 0.05

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