Fuel PodEdit

This extremely compact fuel pod will allow your ship to carry additional litres of fuel. As with all fuel expansion modules, a small penalty to your ship's turning radius is applied.

Fuel pod

Fuel Pod

Variant Price Max Fuel Capacity - Turn modifier
Basic 600 125 0.001
Rare 2400 156.2 0.001
Epic 1800 166.7 0.001
Artifact 1200 187.5 0.001

Extended TankEdit

Extended Fuel Tanks are very important when upgrading your ship's engines. Although small in size, this tank will provide that little extra fuel you will need.

Extended tank

Extended Tank

Variant Price Max Fuel Capacity - Turn modifier
Basic 1400 150 0.002
Rare 5600 187.5 0.002
Epic 4200 200 0.002
Artifact 2800 225 0.002

General ExpansionEdit

A medium sized fuel expansion, capable of sustaining most mid grade engine thruster systems. Fuel is normally cheap, so make sure you leave home with plenty of it.

General expansion

General Expansion

Variant Price Max Fuel Capacity Turn modifier
Basic 3500 225 0.005
Rare 14000 281.2 0.005
Epic 4666.667 300 0.005
Artifact 7000 337.5 0.005

Medium Fuel CellEdit

Fuel Cells are a bit more expensive than traditional fuel storage tanks. They utilize special technologies to allow for more storage capacity without the massive hinderance to your ship's turning abilities.

Medium fuel cell

Medium Fuel Cell

Variant Price Max Fuel Capacity Turn modifier
Basic 8400 400 0.009
Rare 33600 500 0.009
Epic 25200 533.3 0.009
Artifact 16800 600 0.009

Quantum CellEdit

The Quantum Fuel Cell is a heavy little fella, but it sure can carry quite a load of survival. Great for those giant ships, or deep space mining operations.

Quantum cell

Quantum Cell

Variant Price Max Fuel Capacity Turn modifier
Basic 15500 750 0.01
Rare 62000 937.5 0.01
Epic 46500 1000 0.01
Artifact 31000 1125 0.01

Mega Fuel CellEdit

The Mega Cell is the top of the line as far as fuel expansions go. With this puppy installed, you can practically traverse the drift and then some!

Mega fuel cell

Mega Fuel Cell

Variant Price Max Fuel Capacity - Turn modifier
Basic 22000 1200 0.014
Rare 88000 1500 0.014
Epic 66000 1600 0.014
Artifact 44000 1800 0.014

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