Jobs page

The Jobs page is almost the most important page inside the station. A few high paid jobs and the game may be over. (The fun parts anyway)

Always pay attention to the Jobs and check if you could complete some easy jobs whenever possible. The jobs are divided in three types.

- The best paid job is mining high level asteroids and selling a decent quantum in a high levelled station. An example is selling Dynex in the Oasis sometimes pays 10 times as much as selling the same amount in the level 0 Astrox station. If a job is not available at the moment, then store the cargo until later and complete the job. Sometimes it is not possible to wait, and if so travel to a station with a high multiplier and sell the asteroids there.

- Another well paid job is to hunt pirates, but unless you shoot them down easily passing a star system the amount of ships needed to be hunted makes mining the preferred way to achieve the capital ship you are hoping to get. Nevertheless when you have played for a while you have definitely taken care of several 100 ships and eventually a job pops up paying a lot more for the amount of ships. Complete that job first as the ship counters is decreased with the same amount as the job requirement. I.e. taking care of 20 Mandrakes could take ages to complete if the job pops up early in the game, but after having travelled 10-15 systems you might have done just that. If a job is paid 9 mills for 18 ships you would be sorry if you took the deal on 12 ships for just 2 mills. Again the same considerations should be done. Sell things when you need the money, not when you enter a station. Store goods in hangars, complete a well-paid job and look out for easy jobs.

- The last job could both be a well-paid job and a poorly paid job. Sometimes there is more to earn in the market or even in the refinery than completing the job. If that is the situation a job should not be completed. An easy job is when the trade goods could be found in the market on the same station. The job may then be completed almost whatever the payment is (Make sure the payment is higher than the cost of the goods).

Then it is fourth reason to complete jobs. This is by far the most difficult one and it is not very rewarding. Maybe you want the Jobs to show up as 0 jobs available, at least for some minutes.

Then the jobs may be completed all together if possible. Note you will definitely not earn money this way, but it is cool to complete all jobs just for fun.

It appears the maximum number of jobs available is 21and the oldest job or definitely the job you want to complete or are close to complete is removed from the job list first. This follows the Eddie Murphy’s law which is an absolute and non-negotiable law.

So if a job is important for you, then you make the right priority and complete it as fast as possible, but being a little patient and another job will pop up instead. Transporting 1000 Dynex and getting paid in a high level system could pay 9 mills, and a couple of these jobs let you buy a capital ship. The Nova costs between 16 mills and 20 mills depending on station modifiers.

As for transport jobs, they scale with your cargo capacity, both amount you need to transport and reward, but watch out when overupgrading your cargo space (10m+) because it will bug out your entire jobs page, mixing up job descriptions and rewards.