The Kongregate version Edit

As of December 2015 the Standalone version of Astrox is released.The entire site has content mostly related to the Kongregate version and therefore the Astrox Wiki might be restructured in the near future. This is therefore a placeholder page for the Kongregate version.

The actual content is still on Astrox Wiki and all sub pages and how this wiki evolves depends on a few factors. How much is different between the now two versions or maybe better variants of the game as Astrox verison 2 might exist soon. Momoguru is the creator of the game and his decissions will influence the Astrox Wiki.

By commenting on this page or by modifying it you may be able to contribute and design the "new" Astrox Wiki site.

Main administrator on Astrox Wiki is XAtangX, so feel fre to discuss any idea on either this page or the user talk page. Great ideas for improvements are welcomed, critics not so welcome, as it is better you do it than critisize what is done or not done:).

Comments on the other hand are always welcomed.