NPC's were added in build 39

NPCs are other inmates in Astrox Prison that fly around, mining and fighting pirates.

When zoomed out, their icon is a green circle with a solid triangle in it, similar to the player's icon.

The player can open a "Comm Link" with an NPC by approaching lock range with them and clicking the "Comm Link" button. This will cause a message to pop up with one of several short sayings displayed, ranging from tips to game lore to useless banter.

Precautions when meeting NPC'sEdit

Do not keep your weapons armed when talking to an NPC. Weapons can target any ship in range, be they pirate or NPC. Particularly if one spawns while you are fighting pirates, you may accidentally destroy them when targeting to talk. However there is a "Friendly Fire" button on the bottom right of the center HUD console which, when turned off (off by default), will disengage weapons fire when a non-hostile ship is targeted.

NPC ShipsEdit

NPCs have been known to fly the following ships:




Transport Liner

NPC SayingsEdit

Here is a list of all known NPC sayings:

Game Tips

"Always make sure you have some spare fuel on board. Although your engines can run on energy, you will not be able to use afterburners without fuel. Getting stranded sucks monkey balls!"

"I am so close to escaping this place. You know, there is an Oasis out here. You can buy all the best gear, mine all the best rocks, and never have to worry about pirates."

"When warping through a gate, press 0 to get all you modules going asap. I also like to hold down the E key to get those engines going as well. it will buy you a little time."

"Never head into battle without making sure you're prepared for the fight. Some of those high level pirates can throw some pretty nasty things at you. those magwebs are evil."

"I'm saving up for a few giant fuel tanks, then I won't need to use these blasted warp gates to travel to the Oasis. You know, I've heard you can mine Dynex in peace there."

"I always carry a few EMP bombs out here. You never know shen yeo are going to need to stop a few pirate missiles dead in their tracks. they can really make a difference!"

"Stay away from those Pirate Hideouts, not only do they have weapons, but they also have quite a few officers inside. I guess that is where they train their squadrons."

"I see you keep checking out my awesome pilot skills. If you want to know a secret, leave autopilot on and use A and D keys to prevent your ship from turning in combat. Hit and run baby!"

"I'm having a hard time choosing between Laser weapons, or Projectiles. Laser don't use ammo, but require energy and lose power over distance. Projectiles however don't always connect with the target."

"I've just loaded up on some Flak Ammo for the first time. It sure is great for those small, fast little pirate ships. You better have a fast ship though, in and out I always say..."

Astrox Lore

"I heard a rumor once, that this Astrox Prison isn't the only one out here. Apparently, the 'X' at the end of 'Astrox' stands for 10. makes you wonder where the other 9 prisons are."


"Hey there, a little busy right now... perhaps we can chat later, I got to get this job done before it expires. Stay safe man."

"Jeez, You scared the crap out of me! Guess I shouldn't have spent all night in the lounge, this headache is killing me. I should probably head in after this, I need a nap."

"If I ever need need a hand out here with thes pirate scum, I would really apreciate a little assistance. Their advantage lies in their numbers."

"I swear, you either run out of cargo with plenty of energy, or you run out of energy with plenty of cargo. It's a conspiracy I tell you! How hard is it to make a balanced mining laser?"

"Not to be a jerk or anything like that, but your ship is a little to close for my comfort. Besides, I'm too busy to be messing around out here with the likes of you, giv me some space already, will ya?"

"Hey there, I saw you earlier and was going to zip by and say hi. I quess you beat me to it. Would you mind watching my back for a second while I take a nap? I was up all night on kitchen detail."