Pirates spawn in every generated galaxy; once the pirates in a sector are all destroyed, an officer spawns with a group of standard ships.  Each pirate has one of the 15 ship models listed below, but colored red.  Pirates seem to have a combination of weapons between all 3 categories (beam, projectile, and missile) as well as magnetic web and EMP.  Although the specifics differ with each sector dependent upon the settings, pirate ships have a lowest sector they can spawn in.  In this sector, that ship model will have the base health listed below.  When they spawn in higher sectors, the health will be multiplied uniformly. When destroyed, they have a chance to give the player asteroids and trade goods.

Standard ShipsEdit

Ship Model Base Health
Recon Scout 10
Stinger Interceptor 50
Acolyte Infiltrator 125
Blazer Corvette 200
Reznor Frigate 300
Calibus Cruiser 400
Centurion Tactical Cruiser 1400
Striker Assault Fighter 700
Raider Destroyer 500
Carnivos Battlecruiser 600
Balastine Transport Carrier 1500
Bloodwake Battleship 800
Hiver Carrier 1000
Barge Transport Liner 1000
Corvus Patrol Carrier 1600
Maydrake Assault Carrier 1800
Commander Assault Dreadnought 2000-2500

Health increases with level difficulty.

Officer ShipsEdit

Officer ships have the same model as one of the other pirate ships.  Their ship will usually be equal to or above the highest ranking ship in the sector.  Their names will have "Officer" or "Captain" added as a prefix.  Officer ships have increased health from their ship model, and also have stronger weapons.  Officers spawn from pirate hideouts, normally 2-3 per hideout, or when all the pirates in a sector without a hideout are killed. Officers may randomly drop special rare, epic, or artifact variations of normal items when destroyed.  The drop rate, as well as the chance to get a higher tier of rare item, increases in higher sectors of a system.