Targeting systems essentially increase the range of all weapons, and can be stacked.

Targeting x-1Edit

This level 1 targeting system will allow for increased range when locking various targets.

Targeting x-1

Targeting x-1

Variant Price Lock Range
Basic 500 6
Rare 2000 7.5
Epic 1500 8
Artifact 1000 9

Advanced TargetingEdit

This level 2 targeting system has increased range and allows for longer target lock distances.

Advanced targeting

Advanced Targeting

Variant Price Lock Range
Basic 2500 8
Rare 10000 10
Epic 7500 10.7
Artifact 5000 12

Delux Nav LinkEdit

This targeting system has advanced technologies allowing for power ranges sensors that deliver long range target locks.

Delux nav link

Delux Nav Link

Variant Price Lock Range
Basic 5500 10
Rare 22000 12
Epic 16500 13.3
Artifact 11000 15

Captain GPSEdit

This targeting system is expensive for a good reason. Its compact size and powerful magnetic sensors make this component very valuable.

Captain gps

Captain GPS

Variant Price Lock Range
Basic 12500 12
Rare 50000 15
Epic 37500 16
Artifact 25000 18

Ion Nav LinkEdit

This level 5 targeting system is a rare find. Powerful sensors allow for increased locking range.

Ion nav link

Ion Nav Link

Variant Price Lock Range
Basic 25500 14
Rare 102000 17.5
Epic 76500 18.7
Artifact 51000 21

Momoguru NavEdit

The most powerful targeting system available, this expensive work of art combines the latest technological advances in sensory signals, with pure power.

Momoguru nav

Momoguru Nav

Variant Price Lock Range
Basic 32500 16
Rare 130000 20
Epic 97500 21.3
Artifact 65000 24